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Then the woman put her weight on the man and started rubbing the limp cock with her leg bent in the knee.She took it into her hand, squeezed it and felt it was getting hard again.When the head of the organ entered the woman’s ass she let out a moan and twitched a bit. His bollocks would hit Vivienne’s pussy bringing her pleasure. When the cock was flaccid and lifeless Tom took it out and lay near the woman. Tom waited for a second and went on penetrating the hole. Tom ejaculated after thrusting very deep, as deep as it was possible. While doing that she was whispering: “Tommy, I see you’re so excited… ” her hands covered the stiff cock through the pants. Vivienne was standing and kneading her boob and rubbing her clit through the fabric of her panties. He tore his t-shirt off sharply and pulled down the pants. The guy was ogling this beauty with his mouth open. She took the cock into her hand, put it closer to her and lay on her back. Vivienne tore herself away from the cock and said: “Tommy, don’t remain idle, lick my pussy, honey…” She raised her legs to her head and was going to fall down from the bed when Tom caught her and pressed to the bed. Tom clang to the cunt and understood how nicely she woman smelled.His erected cock was swaying and quivering from impatience. He kissed her and started penetrating the hole stronger and deeper, trying to lick in the inside.Vivienne masturbated Tommy for a while until the cock was ready and then lowered herself on the phallus.She started moving her pelvis impaling on the dick more and more. After that she squatted, leaned herself against the guy’s chest and kept on fucking him moving her ass only. I must be off…” She kissed his cheek, then cock and then lips.

“No, I’ve come to you.” Vivienne glanced at the guy’s hand and understood what the problem was. He offered her to sit in the armchair and took the laptop into his hands. At first Tom tired to concentrate on the computer but then noticed the blouse was transparent and exposed the woman’s breasts.Then she approached to him from behind, pressed her boobs to him and started explaining what wasn’t working in the computer. Vivienne’s warm breast was rubbing against his back, softly and pleasantly. The woman understood the guy was very strained and would never do anything to start what she had come for. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. His saliva made the kiss very wet but he didn’t mind. Lick me…” She took off her blouse and threw it on the armchair.He would rather rush to the toilet and masturbate fiercely. She put her hands on his shoulders and then slowly moved them down. Her tongue was hovering in his mouth doing something absolutely incredible. He was embracing this woman and kissing her, non-stop. Her skirt slid down over her beautiful thighs exposing white skin and a tiny thong that barely covered the pussy. A drop of pre-cum appeared on the head and Vivienne licked it off. The guy half-rose, leaning against the edge of the bed. Her legs were pressed to the bed, her butt was raised and the twat opened.She looked at her laptop which was broken for a couple of days and decided to act.She had a bath, shaved her pussy, put on make-up and donned very sexy clothes: a short skirt, a transparent blouse, a thong and stockings, no bra, and a light jacket to cover her boobs seen through the fabric of the blouse.

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The walls of the vagina were shrinking giving additional pleasure to Tom. She lay on the man, stretched her legs and was enjoying the moment.