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As many as 17 percent of users become addicted to online sexual activity.

Infidelity of any kind disrupts this special bond and one or both partners no longer have the sense of being connected in a secure, safe haven.Some tips for changing behavior include: With help, the couple moves toward re-establishing trust and their sexual relationship. Use the AAMFT Consumer Update "Online Infidelity" pamphlets to market your practice.In the end, the couple will have strengthened their ability to repair problems, look for the good in each other, and find ways to successfully discuss and resolve long-standing issues. This fall AAMFT members will be sharing their unique perspectives, knowledge, and research findings in a crowdsourced effort to update our Therapy Topics.He or she usually only discloses what he or she thinks the partner has already discovered, or is likely to discover, or be told by an outside party.Sometimes the user will even say that he or she reached a sexual Web site by accident or that it happened while looking for or chatting about something else.

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What started innocently can easily advance to a real life emotional and/or physical extramarital affair.