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Sex honduras lovers chat hn

Most often a few miles out from port child corpses are dumped overboard, often weighed to sink to the bottom of the sea, out of sight, out of mind.Powerful pedo slave owners have specially built vans waiting at the ports, all Chevrolet manufactured with special specifications in Atlanta to include easy drainage capacity and soundproof insulation.The self-replicating, Luciferian system has been built to last for centuries. Arrigo learned of the CIA’s long history starting right after WWII training foreign children to be spies.First as dissociative mind controlled child musical prodigies sent back to Eastern Bloc nations to spy on cold war embassies, then pushed out of airplanes over North Korea and onto infiltrating North Vietnam and back to full circle in the Balkans.[viii] Once sent behind enemy lines, these poor kids were never heard from again and because in every instance the CIA cover had already been blown, the enemy quickly scooped them up and killed them.Those that shined in this system are/were groomed to later return to their native lands and take over as readymade puppet leaders of foreign governments.[vii] This long term investment has been going on for some time.The OSS and CIA toward the end of World War II and afterwards were pulling Jewish and Slavic kids out of war zone camps even when they had parents just to be mind control guinea pigs in America.From 1992 to 1999 over a million kids were processed into an international sex ring and sent by rail to the sea where they were packed in inhumane conditions on slave ships sailing to America to their child raping slave-owners.Because they were so abused and neglected, some children would succumb en route across the ocean, reminiscent of the horrific tragedy of the African slaves, except these are thousands of traumatized kids suffering and dying in modern times right up to today. It’s imperative we must come together and stop this brutal human affliction.

Ships illicitly transporting human slaves are customarily unloaded first.And though her own sister, a psychologist in Taiwan, claims Sue is a paranoid schizophrenic whose stories are not to be believed, coming from a military family and father whose career was in military intelligence, discrediting Sue as mentally ill falls clearly in the self-serving interest of both the sister protecting her own professional reputation as well as the US government. Sue refutes her sister’s allegations making the cogent point that they separated in youth when the sister moved with her father to Taiwan and has had next to no contact ever since and that Sue’s long involvement in the CIA by requirement forced her to keep that confidentially hidden even from her own mother.[ii] So with that caveat out of the way, here are some of Dr.Arrigo’s extraordinary, yet highly disturbing revelations. As a gifted young child of three she became a trauma induced multiple and by age 12, Sue Arrigo was sent to have sex with General Westmoreland as a means of learning why he wasn’t winning the Vietnam War.It really was a concentration camp, complete with barbed wire fences and control towers armed with machine gun toting guards.So the big CIA moneymaker for pedophile kingpins like the Bushes and the Clintons became a smashing success.

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Each vehicle transports anywhere from 20 to 100 children.[xii] Kids are routinely drugged before disembarking ships so they can be quietly herded like cattle, transferred and contained from one from one closed off prison to the next, except once on dry land, in transit cattle have the luxury of vents, windows and breathing space on the way to their slaughterhouse.

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