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Doesn't time it well and has to settle for a triple to sweeper cover Jadeja to Lakmal, FOUR, Kohli, at mid-off, didn't spot the ball there. Lakmal sees the ball in his slot and thumps it down the ground. Herath is half-forward to blunt it on the on-side and the extra bounce takes the batsman's glove on its way. Herath c Rahane b Ashwin 0(2)Ashwin to Herath, THAT'S OUT!! Dickwella had to play at it and stuck his bat out to block.Got it well wide of mid-off and the ball bulleted away Ashwin to Herath, out Caught by Rahane!! Rangana Herath started walking off as soon as he got a glove on it. The ball lobbed up and settled into the safe hands of Rahane at first slip. The extra bounce takes the outside edge and flies to the left of the second slip fielder.That's when the former played a stroke that was termed as 'irresponsible' by Simon Doull. There's no third man and that results in Chandimal's ninth boundary Ishant to Lakmal, FOUR, edged and four! He played down the wrong line and got hit on the front leg in front of leg. Dilruwan Perera lbw b Ashwin 0(1)Ashwin to Dilruwan Perera, THAT'S OUT!! A couple of bounces and into the fence Ashwin to Shanaka, out Caught by Rahul!! Dasun Shanaka's plan was to slog his way out and that leads to his downfall.

Here's the offie in a post match interview after becoming the quickest to 300 Test wickets. The one wish for them was to go down fighting and take it into the final day. Mathews was joined by Chandimal at the crease and much was expected from the experienced duo. Good length outside off, Chandimal presses forward, opens his bat-face and runs it through the cordon. Got close to the pitch of the ball and slogged it over wide mid-on.I have worked on different releases of the carrom ball and different loading positions. Did stay a touch low from Yadav, but not as much as Chandimal suggested there.With us traveling more, more subtlety is important. He was done in by the inward slant Ashwin to Lakmal, no run, tosses it up outside off, Lakmal drives to the left of point where substitute Vijay Shankar makes a diving stop. Here's Ashwin looking for his milestone A session that was completely dominated by the hosts. Seven wickets in the session and most of them courtesy to loose shots.I thought everybody bowled really well today, special mention to Ishant, he has also come back and bowled really well. Different height of release also augurs for different sort of spin on these wickets.You do not get much bounce or fizz from these sort of wickets. We're going upstairs to check if Gamage has indeed been out bowled. This was a fantastic carrom ball which would have got the better of many a batsman. U Yadav to Lakmal, no run, an off-pace cutter which drifts back in from a back of length.

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Kohli, the fielder, leapt to his left, couldn't gather it in the first attempt. Angling in on a short of a good length and the ball nipped away after pitching.

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