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To escape the pain Heracles threw himself onto a funeral pyre.

Appalled by what had happened, Deianira committed suicide." -Sue Tompkins and Melanie Reinhart ***THE REDEMPTION OF NESSUS:1- Introduction" In the very little time since its discovery in 1993, Nessus has been associated with bad and ugly things, primarily coming from the mythological association it has with poison and death, and the proximity of its orbit to Pluto.

This accords neatly with the Greek myth in which Nessus attempted to abduct and take advantage of Heracles wife, Deianira.

Heracles saw the rape about to happen and shot Nessus.

Actions have consequences, but you can almost always discover the source.

Nessus is a very good diagnostic tool in handling situations with these themes.

Nessus sometimes correlates with itching and burning skin as occurs in instances of eczema, nettle rash and allergy for instance.

His ways are violently cruel and deadly like the creatures he kills.

We must see the whole process involved and not only the negative part.

It shows us where and how we've been hurt in the past, and how we're likely to hurt others -- and how we can heal those hurts."Nessus speaks of two kinds of abuse: one, the insidious kind that doesn't seem like it later on. Both are about the same thing, and yet in the not-so-obvious kind, there is the problem of not really having a sense of the scale of what happened.

Abuse and neglect suffered unconsciously are that much further out of the reach of healing.

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What is the dynamics of Nessus that manifests itself in a monstrous, poisonous way?

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